lunedì 3 febbraio 2014

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LIVING STILTS, from Italy:
A new member of the Azafrán Media family.

Living Stilts is a musical project conceived by the composer Luca Mavilia with the intention of creating evocative soundscapes and letting the listener’s imagination roam.
The project brings together artists, musicians and friends who share the same feelings and a love for the most visionary music.
The compositions of Living Stilts are inspired by the fantastical, by the most imaginative art, by fiction and by poetry.
The influences range from prog rock and hard rock to Classical music from the Romantic, Baroque and Renaissance periods.
Living Stilts’ creations don’t exhaust themselves over the course of the individual song but should be thought of as suites, and for this reason they favour the concept album form. Voices and instruments are chosen in relation to the colour to be given to the music, and so recited pieces, instrumentals and multiple male and female voices abound.

Living Stilts’ first concept album, currently in the final phase of production, is called Shipwreck and centres around a vessel’s sinking. On the album various voices impersonate the voyagers, their tragedies and their stories. Shipwreck is a highly varied concept album as regards feel and influences, one where prog is married to more crystalline and rock sounds.

The following people participated in the making of the album:

Maria Tomasello - voice
Antonio Bella - voice
Ben McGuire - acting and translation
Alfredo Cassotta - drums and percussion
Vincent Spasaro - lyrics and concept
Luca Mavilia - keyboards, arrangements, voice, programming, mixing and mastering

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